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Nowomics helps you track the latest papers relevant to your life science research. We fetch new papers from PubMed every day and use text mining to identify genes, species and thousands of biological terms. You follow genes, terms or searches to create a personalised news feed of new and popular papers.

The current pace of biomedical publication demands new tools for scientists to remain current. We think a news feed is an intuitive way to track new papers, and a much better alternative to sifting through email alerts and tables of contents. By identifying biological terms in papers we're able to infer meaning from text, in future we'll this enable us to build tools for enhanced paper discovery and search based on biological relationships.

The site is just getting started, we hope you like it so far! Let us know if you have any comments of suggestions of features we should add: hello@nowomics.com

Data Sources

We're exremely grateful to the providors of source data used by Nowomics.


Take the pain out of keeping up with literature - find new and popular papers in a personalised, searchable news feed instead of sifting though endless email alerts and tables of contents.

Find papers fast

The news feed is designed to be fast to scan. Read abstracts inline, view topics mentioned in each paper for a quick overview and search everything.

What's popular

Nowomics includes tweet and bookmark data from Altmetric so you can sort you're feed by the most talked about papers. Or sort by journal impact.


When you find a paper you want to save add it to your permanent library. You can also export to Mendeley.


Group your saved searches into categories to keep track of multiple projects or areas of interest.

How it works

Nowomics uses text mining to identify genes, species and thousands of MESH terms covering diseases, anatomy, processes, substances and techniques.

Better matches

Instead of a single text search you automatically see results for many different variations. If you follow the gene EGFR it doesn’t matter if the paper calls it ‘epidermal growth factor receptor’, HER1 or ERBB1 - you still see the paper.

EGFR (human) = EGFR, 'epidermal growth factor receptor', HER1, ERBB1, ERBB


Nowomics takes advantage of hierarchies in MESH terms to find related matches. So if you follow Leukocytes (white blood cells) you can automatically see mentions of B-cells, T-cells, Natural Killer Cells, Neutrophils and other cell types.


For specific genes choose to include mentions of orthologs in other organisms, even if they have different names.

Read more about the data sources included in Nowomics.


Nowomics is a startup company based in Cambridge, UK. Our goal is to change the way life scientists discover relevant papers by providing a free service for everyone to use. If you're interested in custom new feeds, licensing our software, API access or other integration please get in touch.

Richard Smith

Richard Smith, Founder

I started Nowomics after hearing many times from biologists how hard it is to keep up with new information. I've been building databases and websites for biology research for many years, both in academia and industry. In my previous project at Cambridge University I led development of an open source biological data warehouse system, giving me first hand experience with a broad range of biological data and the opportunity to collaborate with many major academic projects around the world.

Nowomics Ltd is registered in England and Wales with company number 08687715
Nowomics Ltd, ideaSpace, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, CB3 0GT